Small Zipper Vintage Fabric Bags

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These zipper bags are perfect for all of your handwork projects.  They are made with a variety of materials including vintage lines, doilies and trims. Keep in mind that many of these materials are not new and show the passage of time.  We work hard to ensure that the fabrics are stable and usable but the imperfections are there and tell the story of where these linens have been.

Flat they measure approximately 11" wide by 8" deep with a 2 1/2" gusset.  All bags have a detachable wrist strap.

Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Colour A... this bag is a green vintage wool/poly suiting with a cotton doily attached. The doily wraps around the entire bag, front to back.  The lining is a floral cotton print with a denim pocket.

Colour B ...this bag is not vintage fabric but rather an iridescent cork/vinyl hybrid that I could not resist.   It has a red plastic zip and a red cordurouy lining and inner pocket.  Wipe to clean.

Colour C ... this bag is a mud cloth in a detailed brown and cream batik trimmed with a white trim with wooden beads.  It is self lined with a double interior pocket made from a linen napkin.

Colour D ... SOLD!

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