The Mindful Collection

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Imagine being free of all concerns.
Imagine not feeling overwhelmed, anxious or distracted.
Imagine feeling at rest while awake.
It may sound like a dream available only to the very young, but the fact is that everyone of us has the power to make this a reality.
It's achieved with a highly enjoyable habit called Mindfulness or Mindful Meditation.

This collection of knitting accessories is thoughtfully put together, excellent quality collection. 

The Knit Blockers are a set of essentially pins, connected together to save time while blocking, instead of having to put in every pin individually, you can put 4 or 8 pins in at once.  This set included 12 blockers with 8 rust resistant pins, 8 blockers with 4 rust resistant pins.  All in a plastic box with a lid.

Sterling Silver Knitting Gauge has 1.5mm to 8mm on one side, US000 to 11 on the other.  Both sides are embossed with the turquoise mandala you see though the entire collection.  A nice quality tool that will last.

Rainbow folding scissors. This is a nice quality little pair of scissors in an iridescent rainbow colour.  They come in a zippered clamshell shaped pouch.  There is lots of room in there for stitch markers.

Retractable Tape Measure.  We all need one of these!  Covered in an upholstered vinyl the tape  has metric on one side, imperial on the other.  The tape stays out until you squeeze the side to release it.

This truly is a mega pack of stitch markers! Five different styles to suit so many uses, 20 of each packed in their own organza bag.  All brought together in a turquoise canvas zipped pouch.

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