Large Zipper Vintage Fabric Bags

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These zippers bags are a good size for multi skein projects.  They are made with a variety of materials including vintage lines, doilies and trims. Keep in mind that many of these materials are not new and show the passage of time.  We work hard to ensure that the fabrics are stable and usable but the imperfections are there and tell the story of where these linens have been.

Flat most measure approximately 15" wide by 9" deep with a 2 1/2" gusset unless otherwise mentioned. All bags have a detachable wrist strap.

Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Colour A -  This bag is made from vintage suiting, it's a wool blend I believe in a textured seersucker weave.  A white dresser scarf wraps right around the bag with embroidery on each side.  A smaller doily is on the front signed with Bea's signature bee bead.  Lined in denim with a small doily pocket.  A larger bag laying flat is 17" wide, 13" high with a 5" gusset, this is a cheerful, fabulous bag.

Colour B - This is a softer bag made from a marbled red quilting cotton and is self lined.  The doily on the front is a beautiful salmon colour and the pocket inside is a matching linen napkin with subtle embroidery.

Colour C - This is a sturdy denim bag with a lightly quilted vintage embroidered panel covering the front of the bag.  Lined in an burgundy and gold printed quilting cotton it has an interior pocket made from a denim pocket with a embroidered motif.  This bag is a bit taller at approximately 11".

Colour D - This bag is a bit more subtle, tone on tone with a cream satin fabric (upcycled curtain) with a cream, tatted oval doily on the front.  It is beautiful!  Lined in a bright blue and floral quilters cotton the interior pocket on this one matches the exterior with an embroidered rose motif.  This bag is approximately 17" wide, 12" high with a 3 1/2" gusset.  We cut this bags to match the doily sizes as well as to use every bit of our reclaimed fabrics.

Colour E - Such a fun bag, this is made from a red plaid vintage suiting that has a texture to the weave.  The front features a white crochet doily and a couched (sewn on the surface) ceramic painted image.  The bag is lined with a printed quilter's cotton and has a red corduroy pocket. It is approx 14" x 9 high with a 3" gusset.  This would be a generous sock knitting bag. 

Colour F - This is a deep, rich, navy coloured bag with gold embroidery.  Very starry night.  The embroidery is the corner of an machine embroidered piece with an angel an stars.  Could be Christmas, could just be beautiful!  The main bag is a dark denim lined in a striped poly fabric with a denim pocket.  The pocket features our logo on a wee bit of the Maple Leaf tartan. 

Colour G - We are calling the tonal side the front of this bag.  The entire bag is made from an embroidered linen dresser scarf.  The front features an amazing tatted lace.  The back has the dresser scarf coloured embroidery with a cornicopia in browns and gold flowers.  This is the 'back' because there is a small rust (?) stain that we couldn't get out.  The bag is linked in a gold and black graffic printed cotton.  The inner pocket is a two for one in cream satin with a wee round 2nd pocket that is a tatted coaster! Maybe for your measuring tape?  This bag is approx 15" wide, 12" tall with 4" gusset.

JUMBO - Full disclosure, the outer fabric on this bag is not vintage, it's a metallic, rainbow cork fabric that is just too fabulous to resist.  The bag features a rainbow coil zipper.  Lined in vintage hot pink plaid suiting we went with a simple, large denim inner pocket.  We made two of these bags!   It's big, 20" wide, 14" high with a 6" gusset.  LOVE

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