Gnathan MKAL

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Imagined Landscapes is coming to us with a new and amazing MYSTERY KNIT A LONG! Last year many of us knit our gnomes together.  This Knit a Long will start May 7th for approx a month.  You are purchasing 3 mini skeins of Socknado as well as the pattern.  You will receive email updates as the mystery knit a long progresses. 

Gnathan loves being outside and guiding other like minded folks on nature walks! In keeping with the theme, Ancient Arts  has carefully curated 5 different colourways, each reflecting a different location or destination!

This gnome features textures and cables – hence the ‘gnotwork’ pun. Cables and textures and gnomes, oh my! (Oh, yes. It’s gonna be awesome.)

If you’re new to cables, don’t be intimidated! Cabling is just knitting and purling and you’re good at that already. Plus, I’ve got loads of tutorials to help you along the way.

The clues drop May 7-26th. 

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